Blue Doors and Dragons

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Join us as we create a world of adventure with Blue Doors and Dragons, the improvised comedy show that brings the excitement of role-playing games to the stage. In this thrilling experience, our improvisers transport audiences to realms filled with magic, mysticism, and mayhem.

Each performance of Blue Doors and Dragons is a unique journey guided by the whims of the dice, audience suggestions, and the creativity of our improvisers. As the audience, you will see heroes rise, challenges conquered and lost, and a few eccentric characters. 

For fans and non-fans of role-playing games alike, Blue Doors and Dragons promises an evening of endless possibilities. Join us for epic quests, where anything can happen and every roll of the dice brings new adventures. 

As with all our shows, come celebrate the power of imagination and the joy of storytelling.

Shows are for a general audience and are every Friday from March 1 - April 5.

We will place people in seats based on the number of tickets purchased. You are not able to select seats online. 

Our box office opens a half-hour before showtime. We provide concessions consisting of snacks, soda, and water. 

Refund Policy:
Refund request will only be accepted 24 hours prior to show day. After that time, refunds will not be issued. We can transfer your ticket to another date. Refunds are not issued on transferred tickets. Please note, service fees are not refundable. 


Blue Door Theatre Milk Bottle - 319 S Cedar St, Spokane, WA 99201

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